Friday, January 23, 2015

Givenchy Fall/Winter 2015 Menswear

I want to say "same ol', same ol'" with this Givenchy collection by Riccardo Tisci (who I find caliente) since I always try to be optimistic in everything (it really has a lot of downfalls, tbh), but alas what exactly is super new or questioning about this collection? I haven't been raving about a mens Givenchy collection from Riccardo in years, so this comes to no surprise that I'm not exactly ecstatic about it. When I think of the quintessential Givenchy by Tisci colors, I think of red, nude, and black, which is exactly what this collection offered. It did feel very derivative of earlier collections, especially with the skirts and pants combo. Let's start with what I really enjoyed about the menswear: the prints. I feel like I've seen him do these prints in the past. However, they were absolutely gorgeous. Some prints reminded me of wall cave paintings you'd come across in history books or prints that certain cultures or tribes would've created. I think what also sparked this whole idea were those teeth necklaces, that I feel would be something a indigenous tribe would create for adornment or sacred reasons. There's a print in there that has a dog figure in it that reminded me of Inca and the culture pertaining to that location. I'm not exactly sure where the prints derive from or from what culture, but that feature of the collection felt the most fresh and quite exciting. For the usual Givenchy urban, streetwear guy, there's a couple of pieces he'll find in here, particularly a logo sweater and a couple of impeccable outerwear pieces. I can already see it now....that "Givenchy, Paris" t-shirt (or is it a sweater?) will fly off the shelves once the fall/winter season hits next year.When it came to the womenswear, I loved it all. The look Ajak is by far my favorite. I see fur, feathers, and red glitter...I love it. The girls were giving me gothic, chola, spanish realness and I'm living for it. Alas, here are my favorite looks and beauty/detail shots:

Monday, January 12, 2015

Golden Globes Best Dressed 2015: The GLAMOUR, Henny!!!

It's finally awards season, which ultimately means excessive glamour, hunty! Let's do my top three of the Golden Globes 2015. First up, my fave redhead, Emma Stone in this stunning jumpsuit by Lanvin.
My god, I love Alber and his creations and that bow is such a chic, cute touch and it's quintessential Lanvin. The embellished bustier-top piece, the satin bow, the fact that there's trousers involved....pretty much it's a #LOOK. It's always great to see celebrities embrace trousers and step out of the usual cocktail dress attire and do something a bit out of the box. Most importantly, it does all of that while staying absolutely chic. It's Lanvin, after all. Since I'm becoming quite the makeup aficionado, I really do find the makeup totally complimentary the ensemble. It's very simple with the your-lip-color-but-better lip and the subtle smokey cat eye.
Sing it with me, y'all...."I'm still, I'm still Jenny from da block, used to have a little, now I have a lot". Yasss at my queen Jennifer Lopez giving you full on glamour. She's giving you pageantry hair, legs for days, cleavage and skin to lust over...homegurl is IT.
I'm not the biggest fan of Zuhair Murad, but it's a really stellar dress and I love the cape-like-train it features. Werq, mama. And a big "F" you to Jeremy Renner for making such a tasteless comment. How she looks should not warrant unnecessary, uncouth comments. My third and final favorite/best dressed goes to Julianne Moore. This woman exudes class and sophistication while staying eternally cool. This Givenchy gown is giving me metallic, goth, mermaid goddess and I'm so here for it.
Okay, but I'm really loving her lashes for some reason....are they real? Are they falsies? Maybe she's born with it? Maybe it's Maybelline? Who knows...
Also, major shout out to my gurl Lupita Nyong'o in this stunning Giambattista Valli Haute Couture gown that screams spring.
Like, I'm not gagging over it, but it's cute. However, what I was gagging over were her pair of glasses miss Nyong'o wore when she was presenting. She's servin' you beauty and brains...I could nevah!
And for my "WE WERE ALL ROOTING FOR YOU HOW DARE YOU!!" title, I'm giving it to Gone Girl herself with that damn Vera Wang look, Rosamund Pike. Like, whyyyyyyyyyy would you choose such an unflattering dress?
I mean, kudos for looking impeccable after giving birth last month and looking like that now but that dress does you no favors, sweetie. At least her makeup and hair were on point.
I know, Chrissy Teigen, I feel the same way, sis..
As for my Best Dressed: Mens Edition, I'm giving it to David Oyelowo in a glittery suit. I hate three piece suits, but I'm totally in favor of overlooking that for this sparkly, edgy ensemble.
Don't even get me started on how I'm in dire need of menswear on the red carpet to really step it up, but alas men just don't give a f*** about dressing up......or do men not have to uphold to the same standards that women face and thus they can dress so damn basic and no one will bat an eye? Hmmm at this male privilege...
Anyway, I wouldn't be surprised if the suit was by Lanvin. I love the sparkly, shimmery fabric that keeps things edgy, current, and interesting without risking the integrity of the entire ensemble. It's masculine, yet fun and I really appreciate that. The only thing I'd do is swap those sparkly shoes (it's too much sparkle by that point, to be honest) for some patent shoes.

Now, let's prepare for the Oscars. I'm hoping my gurl Rosamund redeems herself since she's the only one I'm rooting for this awards season. Gone Girl was brilliant and she needs her stylist to step it up. Who were your faves? Let yah gurl know...

Friday, January 2, 2015

Ho Ho Ho, Ho

The older I get the more unenthusiastic I become about Christmas. Is this just me or is the general consensus with people my age? I can't quite pinpoint why but I feel this way every single year. Sigh, well here's a quick OOTD of what I wore Christmas Eve.
(OOTD: Gap striped shirt, H&M flannel, Forever 21 skinny jeans, Unif oversized sherpa denim jacket, Zara harness zipper boots, 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target bag, Michael Kors watch, and evil eye ring gift by mother)
As usual, I'm channeling my inner grunge/Saint Laurent aesthetic. I really need to try other things besides flannels for the new year lmao. I need to extend my #SlayingLewks into new territories.


Totes sorry for the lack of posting this past month. You're probably rolling your eyes, saying "what's new"and I completely agree with you lmao. Anyway, I finished the semester with pretty much straight As and one B (fuck you, marketing) so I really looked forward to secret santa with my gals to untuck. By untucking, I mean unwinding, gossiping, sipping that truth tea, and throwin' shade. Get my gist?
(OOTN: American Apparel striped t-shirt, Gap varsity cardigan, Gap boyfriend jeans, Dior Homme by Hedi Slimane double wrap belt, Balenciaga cut out boots, and 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target bag)
I really have to give props to myself for going over the top for my secret santa. I got my best friend Jessica and I literally wrapped her gift with a collage featuring things I usually make fun of that she "loves": beef schwarmas, some model named Alexander Uloom, her "favorite" artist Pitbull, Zumba, and Miranda Kerr. The fact that she screeched like a damn kid in a nice restaurant was priceless. As for my secret santa, my gurl Andreina did so good. My christian queen got me a brow mascara by Benefit that I've been wanting to try for so long and Clinique's dark spot correcting serum. I'm a frugal hunty, so the fact that she got me the serum was honestly enough but then she got the brow mascara to make my brows on fleek? Yasss, gurl. I'm feeling truly #Blessed. But seriously, I really do appreciate what she did for me. Like, she didn't have to get me things I literally wanted, but the fact that she did meant so much to me. 
Anyway, I hope y'all got what you wanted for Christmas and had such a lovely holiday season. Byeeeee.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Winter 2014/15 Playlist

So many of my favorite tracks from this year in this playlist. From pretty AB's knockout debut album to soft vocals with Tinashe and Banks to "this is my jam and let me dance, sis!!" tracks by Basement Jaxx and Les Sins to going back to my indie roots with The Drums and Chet Falker to SBTRKT's Radio 1 Benji B takeover tracks to finally some good ol' Destiny's Child, this playlist pretty much encompasses everything I love. Enjoy!


Saturday, December 13, 2014

Let Me Help With You Finals: The SBTRKT BBC Radio 1 Benji B Takeover Edition

Okay, instead of painting my nails with a cheap nail polish right now, I should be studying for my other two finals I'm having next week. However, your gurl has the hookup to help you with that stressful time of the semester. I've been obsessed with SBTRKT's latest album (Everybody Knows is my winter jam, to be honest) and thank god I came across this playlist last week because it's honestly the only thing I've been listening to and it's made studying for textiles, family management, and marketing much more easier.

So I'm tired as hell on Monday at 11pm at the library and what do I do? Pop the headphones and start jammin', sis! But seriously, think of this as a little Christmas gift from yours truly to you. I still have two more finals next so honestly just pray for me and hope I make it out alive. Enjoy!

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Azealia Banks' Broke With Expensive Taste

Like, "yasssssssssssss" has never been so applicable in my life until now. I have been stanning for ha for lord knows how long. Like, I was there for the 1991 EP, for the Fantasea mix tape (btw she said Fantasea 2 is coming!!), for the Mermaid Ball, for the Twitter fueds, for the mess that was ATM Jam, for the messy comments she made. But mawma has finally scalped my weave and had the audacity to finally feed me and I am truly gagging. Please, enjoy and get those voguing lewks out because we are going to slay with these bops.
'Desperado', 'Soda", 'Miss Amor', 'JFK', 'Miss Camaraderie', 'Chasing Time', and of course 'Luxury' are my personal favorites, honestly. I love how 'Desperado' and 'JFK' are a bit moody while 'Soda' and 'Chasing Time' are those upbeat jams that just get me in the mood. 'Miss Amor' and 'Miss Camaraderie' are the true voguing jams, tbh. I could easily see 'Ice Princess' being quite commercially successful and possibly the next single, but I think it's my least favorite of my favorites if that makes any sense lol. Anyway, I do love the transition from a bit trap/hip hop into dance in the song. '212' is a given fave, but I'm really impressed with how eclectic the album is. You have some caribbean flavor in the opening track while pretty AB sings in Spanish in 'Gimme a Chance'. Then there's 'Nude Beach A Go-Go', which references teen beach movies from back in the day. 'Yung Rapunxel', 'BBD', and 'Heavy Metal and Reflective' aren't new but they slay and immediately get me in the mood to be a bad bitch. Also, major shout out to 'Luxury'. It's that jam that has me feeling so fierce and singing out loud and I just reenact the walking scene from the music video. I'm so damn proud of her and so happy I got my life from this. Screw her former label. She made it without them and is getting positive reviews and is even recognized on the Billboard charts WITHOUT any major promo. Werq, AB. Remember, bad bitches do it.
p.s. Okay, so my boo Lone produced two tracks (Miss Amore and Miss Camaraderie and he did Liquorice) and I honestly need them to collab more. They make a sick duo, tbh.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Halloween 2014: Kate Moss' Offspring?

Okay, I wasn't really Kate Moss for Halloween but I did recreate a flawless face lewk the Brit queen has sported in the past.
Speaking of Brit queens, thank god for Charlotte Tilbury, a.k.a. one of my favorite makeup artists, for literally posting this tutorial the morning of Halloween. The starry eyed look on Kate Moss was quite easy to recreate.
The minute I saw that video on my subscription feed at 10am was when I felt like god had personally left it on my screen as a sign to get my ass together and just recreate this instead of continuing panicking about what to be. Like, I was having anxiety about costumes and makeup, etc. I know......I'm a mess. The look required some gold and bronze shadow, eyeliner, lip gloss that's poppin', medical tape and voila! You're now 10% as flawless as good ol' Kate Moss and I'm talking about messy-lookin', trashed Kate Moss. Beat mug, rockstar, glam, fur, Saint Laurent-wearing Kate Moss is a whole other level that's quite hard to achieve. The key to the look is the medical tape. You really want that star to be perfect with clean lines and an overall even shape, so the tape is a must! Anyway, Halloween was whatever this year. No parties, nada. The gurls and I headed to Weho. I mean, you can't go wrong with that location, yah know? We went to some club, etc. However, let's take a minute to talk about how it rained and my favorite jacket and shoes were getting soaked! It was really heartbreaking. Imagine a mother seeing her children in pain and being helpless and unable to do anything to stop it....yeah, that's how I truly felt being soaked in disgusting, polluted water. It was a question of "do I take my jacket and somehow try to protect it from getting wet and let myself get poured on even more with just a t-shirt on or protect myself with the jacket as a shield?". Sophie's choice, I tell yah. The next day consisted of more bottom-like activities, a.k.a. clubbing.
....and that's Halloween 2014 for yah.
I know.
But you wanna know what's spookier? The exam I have for marketing on Wednesday that I'm studying for as I type this.
Yeah, I'm sure you're quite petrified.

Friday, October 3, 2014

Bonobos Fall 2014 Suit and Tuxedo Collection

Hey, guys! Can we take a moment to really appreciate Bonobos' suits and tuxedo collection for the upcoming Fall 2014 season? Their Fall 2014 Collection consists of wool suits, tweed blazers, and tuxedos that look impeccably chic and are ideal for the season.
What I truly love about the collection is that their signature Italian wool foundation suit is updated with brand new fabrics and their interior details as well have been updated. As a merchandising student, I've learned that fabrication/textiles truly matter when it comes to aesthetic appeal and comfort appeal as well. I also appreciate that the brand offers suits in standard or slim fits, and come in short, regular, and tall sizes. Unfortunately, I'm not blessed with a 6 foot body like Benjamin Eidem or Clement Chabernaud, but it's great to know that there's an option for me. Trust me, finding a suit at my height is hard, let me tell you. Also, what I really find the most appealing about the collection is the inspiration behind it. Bonobos had in mind the early British rock invasion, with key people like Mick Jagger, The Kinks, and Who in their early years. Im such an aficionado of the British rock invasion and Mick is one of my all time style icons. From the long locks to the the slim tailored suits, Mick Jagger is it! A suit well tailored that's inspired by his effortless taste? Sign me up. Check out below the lookbook for their Fall 2014 Suit and Tuxedo collection that features their newest tuxedos in navy and black.
Without a doubt, the glen plaid and tweed pieces easily reference the British inspiration without looking old. The fit is key because it brings the piece into a modern place, making it utterly wearable and stylish now. Easily, the first gray tuxedo is calling my name, to be honest. I already have a pair of patent, leather loafers I would straight away style them with. Now, what in the collection would I grab my hands on? First and foremost, The Foundation Cotton Slim Suit in Stone
I love that it still has the fit and tailoring of their Italian Wool Foundation Suit but it's made in breathable cotton. See, lately California has been excessively hot, therefore I'm leaning towards clothing that provides comfort and wont cause me to break a sweat. Plus, it's in a slim fit to keeps things looking ultra cool and European. What's great is that I can break the pieces apart and style them separately. The jacket would look great with some black slim jeans or trousers for a night out. I also love the double-vent detail.
While the stone-colored look seems more daytime friendly for me, I'd sport the entire navy alternative to an evening event. I'm a sucker for a navy blue and to be honest everyone truly looks better in it. Seriously.
I love how Bonobos styled the suit with a light, tan colored oxford shoe. I'm living for the color contrast and makes it more eye-catching overall.
Besides those two, I found myself salivating over The Capstone Slim Black Shawl Collar Tuxedo.
I'm always on the hunt for a really chic, ideal shawl collar suit (I blame Lanvin and early Balmain under Decarnin's reign) so this one is pretty ideal. Black? Yes. Slim? Yes. Italian wool? Yes. What's not to love about it? Oh, and that stripe running along the pants is another feature I'm loving. It's one of those tuxedo's that's timeless and you'll have for many years and it'll forever seem chic.
Totally check out Bonobos' chic Fall 2014 Suit and Tuxedo Collection. Remember, there's nothing better than a man looking great in a well tailored suit.

(all images provided by Bonobos)

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Maison Martin Margiela Spring/Summer 2015

I've never been one to gush over a MMM collection, but I sure do appreciate the details. As usual, I love the artisanal, DIY-like details that are recognizable features the house is known for. My favorite has to be the painted flowers that were featured in a stunning, worn-in looking coat on Feifei and also on the eyewear. 
My favorite look is the first one with the pinstripes and the sliver of skin showing. The asymmetrical hemline on the top is quite interesting and it makes the pinstripes seem less business and more cool while there's a tad bit of sex appeal with skin showing. Some looks were a bit mehh, but then again I'm not the target MMM customer.

Saturday, September 20, 2014


OMG. This is a historical moment, y'all. Like Gia Gunn from Project Runway says: "This is the moment that counts." Leave it to mama Miuccia Prada to resurrect ha ass back all the way from Australia!
Seriously, the fact that it's been, oh idk about 7 years!!!!, since Gemma has done a runway show is truly fucking crazy. Homegurl is the sole reason for the baby faced models of her time (HELLO! Lily Cole and Caroline Trentini, anyone?!?). Gemma is that girl that was everyone's first favorite model when they got into fashion, or at least my generation would agree. Ever since her departure from the industry and trying to break into film, it's been quite bleak in the model world, tbh, and no one was having IT. She's been gone for so long and still has the power to return and still make an impact. This is seriously a fucking miracle and it does feel quite surreal. The queen, the doll-faced beauty, the legend has returned! This is going in the books, kids!
Besides Gemma, my original queen Snej is back! Let me tell you, homegurl is quite active on Instagram. Not only have I almost fainted from her replying to me on there a couple of times, but she's been quite vocal about wanting to make a comeback and she finally appeared at the Ports 1961 show! Another major comeback!
It's funny because she posted traveling to Milan to do shows/get back into the business and then commented at someone saying she's not doing shows and is traveling back to Kiev. Like a true fan, I was having a fit about it. Like, you go to Milan and then you're coming back home? UGH NOPE. I'm not having it, Snej. BUT I guess she went back to Milan and did the Ports 1961 show. Hmm, sure, it's not exactly Prada, but it is a strong show in terms of casting. Edward Enninful is involved with the show, which to me seems perfect because if she can become close to him that'll lead to editorials, which leads to exposure, which then leads to more runway shows, which means ad campaigns, etc. You get me, right? However, even though I'm so ecstatic my all-time favorite model did a show in Milan Fashion Week, I am not loving that hair color. It washes her out and I feel like something darker, like her hair color during her first couple of seasons, will bring back that youthfulness she's lacking at the moment. Don't get me wrong, I love ha, but I just want the best for my queen.
Okay, and in not-exactly-a-comeback news, MCB just graced us with her beauty at Fendi after not walking the label since Spring/Summer 2009! She's my ultimate runway queen because her runway walk fucking slays! No one can compete with her. Like, she's the reason I sashay down the streets of LA.
Mother has arrived indeed. Did I tell you she closed the show? Yup! My god, she looked gorgeous and I'm hoping she walks Chanel during PFW since she hasn't walked for the label since that American flag Spring/Summer 2008 collection. You gotta love that smirk she does.

*calls Lagerfeld to bring her to Chanel*
OMG! And let's not forget about Jessica Stam, who's having a resurgence at the moment.

Damn it's been such a long time since I've seen Stam so involved in runway shows. She closed Public School and was in Marc Jacobs 2 weeks ago and here she is back in the game at Fendi. I fucking love it. It honestly feels like I'm back to being 15 when I got into fashion and had my walls filled with images of Stam, Snej, Vlada, Gemma, Freja, Chanel, Kass, MCB, Natasha, and the list goes on. It was the good ol' days where I feel models were truly valued and less disposable. Models seemed so unique, talented, and really intriguing. Sure, many argue models at that point don't come close to the models of the 90s. However, it was my generation of models that gave me life and really made me appreciate fashion and seeing these girls back in a show or two really makes me nostalgic for the good ol' days. It's nice to see familiar faces when countless of celeb models *cough Kendall cough* *giggles* and bland girls are dominating the catwalks. This also reminds me of a good point that Steff Yotka from made:
Not only does Ward's appearance solidify the fact that models are making their return to the spotlight (look no further than Vogue's September cover or the major models who walked in other SS15 shows, like Abbey Lee Kershaw, Kristen Owen, Maggie Rizer or Lara Stone, who closed the Prada show, for proof), but it's also probably about to put an end to the stunt casting that dominated New York runways. I mean, who really cares which runways celebrity spawn models walked when Gemma Ward is back in the game? 
I honestly blame casting directors, of course, and Katie Grand. Like, gurl, stop trying to make every damn celeb model happen. Like, just fucking stop. The fact that celeb models, like Cara Deleving, Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner, Haily Baldwin, Georgia May Jagger, and now Ella Richards, are everywhere really irks me. Thank god, or should I say Miuccia Prada, my generation of girls are making a comeback, whether it's grand or miniscule. Overall, let's definitely celebrate. It truly is a good week in fashion right now.